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As I said previously, research for a novel is always the most time consuming! So glad for the internet that has made this possible especially now that we aren’t able to travel.

Here is a small snippet from the first chapter of the second book in the series:

The morning sun glistened and sparkled like diamonds on the water of the marina. Yachts and sailboats bobbed lazily up and down on the gentle waves, waiting patiently for their owners to take them out to sea.

Marco ordered a second espresso as he pondered his next move. Although there were quite a few restaurants with a view on the marina and the ocean, Spur’s was the only one that seemed to open at 8 am and served breakfast. The ratings were a mixed basket, but at least they did a decent espresso. Marco had picked his way through an omelette and toast, but had left most of it on the plate. Breakfast was not really his thing unless it was a Sicilian cannoli or cannolo siciliano as they were called back home. Then he could easily manage two of the tube-shaped pastries with their sweet, creamy ricotta filling.

A strikingly handsome, well-dressed man, clean shaven with strong facial features, thick black hair, impeccably combed, an infectious smile and a mild Californian accent, Marco had a talent for getting people to like him and putting them at ease. Networking came naturally to him. It didn’t much matter if his targets were criminals or not, sooner or later, they all fell under his spell.

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