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Look who’s reading The Dry Cleaners!

Thank you so much for sending in your photo’s, comments and reactions to the book. Here are some of the ones I received.

“Reading your book!! What a page turner!! Will I get any sleep tonight!! Can’t put it down!! A brilliant and easy read!! Heartiest congratulations!!” – Patricia Murphy, Ireland.

“First book I’ve read in 15 years! Had to finish it. You’ve got me hooked!” – Walter Roux, U.K.

“I’m on vacation visiting our granddaughter and her parents so there’s not always ample time to read. But this novel is filled with suspense and intrigue. It’s such a page-turner that I was hardly able to put it down at times. Very good plot and regularly full of surprises. Congrats again to you! When will it appear as a movie? By the way, I’m an extremely slow reader. This book of yours was done in 8 days. That’s a big deal.” – Heinrich Grosskopf, Canada.

“Finished reading the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very crafty of you to leave room at the conclusion for a sequel so we can find out what happens next for Jennifer, Rouge, et al. I even read the Credits and recognized some of the names.” – Lee Brewer, USA.

“This book has grabbed me! It’s good!” – Erwin Liesse, Belgium.

“Just finished the book! It was a great read, I really enjoyed it. It was also a very interesting insight into some of the privacy issues that will increasingly arise in the digital age.” – Pete Dyson, Spain.

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